5 Way To Take CBD

CBD has continued to increase in popularity throughout the years, and the number of CBD products and options for consumption out there can be overwhelming. Hundreds of CBD products have saturated the market, and here are the five most popular ways to incorporate CBD into your wellness routine. Although Hemp CBD products are easily accessible, cannabis derived CBD oils are preferable, no matter which form of consumption you choose.


It’s not a surprise that we think tinctures rock. Tinctures can be taken sublingually or can be added to your favorite food or drinks. Consuming a tincture under the tongue is the most straightforward way to feel the full effects quicker because it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. When mixing into foods or beverages, the onset of effects will take longer since it is absorbed through the digestive process. Tinctures are easy to take with you, allow for precise dosing and are a good alternative if you are looking to cut calories from edibles. Most tinctures offer low and high potency CBD options, check out our formulas here!


CBD topicals can be found as ointments, balms, salves, lotions and creams. These are applied directly to the area of pain and inflammation.  Most commonly topicals are used for muscular and joint pain, and even skin problems. Topicals are absorbed through the skin and bind to cannabinoid receptors located in that area. Topicals will only target pain in the area that it is directly applied too. 


Gummies, chocolates, honey, oh my. Edibles are usually the first way that new cannabis users try CBD. With so many different, and yummy options, edibles have really taken over the market. Although they are easy and discrete, they can be a hard way to track your dosing especially if they are made at home. Edibles are absorbed through the digestive system, meaning they can take up to two hours to fully be absorbed. Many users will think they are not feeling the benefits and end up taking much more than needed. So practice patience if you choose CBD edibles, and make sure you wait long enough to feel the full effects. 


CBD flower is cannabis flower that has a higher percent of CBD to THC ratio. It has to be smoked. The higher percent of CBD in the flower allows for less of a psychoactive response, but don’t be fooled the THC is still there and you may feel it. THC works together with the CBD in the flower to aid in the entourage effect, amplifying the power of the cannabis plant as a whole. 


Vaping is another way of smoking CBD oil. These are sold as pre-filled cartridges, or CBD oil can be customized by you and added to the vape. Vapes heat the oil and turn the CBD into inhaled smoke. Vape oil can come as a CBD isolate, broad spectrum or full spectrum. Smoking is one of the quickest ways to feel the effects of the CBD, but it is not long-lasting. 

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