Cannabis-derived CBD vs. Hemp-derived CBD: What's The Difference?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has become a staple in most people’s health and wellness lineup, but without the education on the CBD you are taking, you may not be getting what you need. It is one of the most abundant compounds found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis is commonly known for its psychoactivity, but when extracted alone CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that still reaps many of the potential benefits and therapeutic qualities of cannabis. However, the CBD you pickup at your local wellness boutique, yoga studio, or pharmacy is very different from the CBD that can only be purchased in a licensed dispensary. 


What’s the difference, you ask? CBD can be sourced from two different places. Hemp-derived CBD is sourced from industrial hemp plants, primarily grown for their seeds and fiber. Hemp-derived CBD is also differentiated by the amount of THC found in the plant, which is the psychoactive compound found that takes credit for the “high” associated with cannabis. Hemp-derived CBD must have less than 0.3% of THC. 

Cannabis-derived CBD is extracted from the marijuana plant which is generally grown and consumed for its psychoactive properties. Marijuana plants are defined by the amounts of THC, more than 0.3%, and while most marijuana plants contain THC as the dominant cannabinoid, there are several strains that are rich in CBD.

Although both Hemp-Derived CBD and Cannabis-derived CBD are identical CBD compounds on a molecular level, they have additional notable differentiating traits. Think of it as identical twins with different personalities. 

Here is a breakdown of the main differences between Hemp-derived CBD and Cannabis-derived CBD:

Hemp-derived CBD

  • Less than 0.3% THC
  • No psychoactivity 
  • Can be purchased online, in any store 
  • Federally Legal
  • Unregulated, may have incorrect potencies and claims  

Cannabis-derived CBD 

  • Can have a THC content higher than 0.3%
  • Potentially psychoactive
  • Can only be purchased in licensed dispensaries 
  • Legal only in some states 
  • Higher spectrum of therapeutic compounds 
  • Strictly regulated and tested  



Our formulas were created with your health and wellness in mind. Although going into a dispensary may take a little bit of extra time, the potential benefits of cannabis-derived CBD pack a much bigger punch than Hemp-derived CBD. That is why all of our tinctures are cannabis-derived.

The foundation of each of our tinctures is inspired by cannabinoid and terpene profiles found in strains with the most medicinal value. Our CBD tinctures contain profiles extremely similar to that of actual cannabis flowers. This ensures that you truly reap all of the therapeutic benefits that the plant has to offer! In addition, our dedication to transparency allows you to view COA’s of all of our products. What you see is what you get!

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