How To Determine Value In a Tincture

When it comes to Cannabis, we know there are many options for consumption. Those who are choosing an alternative to smoking and vaping have other options, the two most popular being edibles and tinctures. Both are consumed orally but have their own pros and cons. At CKSoul we believe that tinctures are a great addition to your daily cannabis routine and here are some reasons why:


Did you know that one tincture bottle contains a higher number of doses than a single edible? Our Boost+ CBD tincture has 3,000 milligrams per bottle with an average cost of 6 cents per milligram. That is less than 1 dollar per serving if you are taking an average of 10 milligrams. This is a significantly more cost-effective way of consuming cannabis versus the higher price and lower potency of an edible and limits the number of times you are having to visit a dispensary to purchase a product. With CKSoul tinctures, you’ll get a higher potency at a lower price. More bang for your buck! 


Tinctures are much more convenient and discreet than edibles. Take them at any location with no fear of odor giving you away, whether it be at your desk or in your home. When you purchase CKSoul’s Boost + you are getting 30 doses of 10 milligrams per bottle. That is much more convenient and compact than traveling with the equivalent dose in edible form. 


Unlike edibles or inhalation, tinctures allow for precise control of dosing, which is important when microdosing. As the weather gets hotter, edibles like gummies and chocolates are more likely to melt which can obscure dosing. With CKSoul tinctures, you’ll get precise, carefully measured dosing each time by using our built-in dropper. 

Please note, we do not recommend leaving your tincture in the heat. You’ll want to store in a cool, dry place away from excessive heat, light, and humidity in order to preserve the product’s quality.


CKSoul products are commonly used for consumers looking for relief from symptoms caused by a wide variety of ailments, while edibles are more commonly purchased for recreational purposes. Both deliver therapeutic benefits of cannabis, but for consumers who require higher and more frequent doses, or want to avoid the taste of cannabis, tinctures may fit better into their daily regimen. Through proper dosing guidance, CKSoul tinctures may provide targeted relief for ailments. 


Dosing with edibles can be harder to control due to the rate of absorption in comparison to a tincture. Although edibles may last longer in your system, they can take hours to kick in which usually leads to users ingesting more than the suggested dose, giving them a “Bad High”. 

Edibles are processed through your liver and digestive system versus a tincture which goes directly into the bloodstream, making the absorption and effects felt much quicker. The bioavailability of a tincture is increased when taken sublingually, bypassing the liver and digestive system, and increasing the speed of absorption. For the quickest result, we recommend leaving the tincture oil under your tongue for 60 seconds.


Tinctures are hugely versatile, more so than edibles. Cannabis tinctures may be added to any food, beverage, or taken alone. Think of adding your daily dose to smoothies, juice, yogurt, anything you can imagine! Doing so will make adding cannabis tinctures to your daily routine easy and versatile.  

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