The Importance of Personalized Dosing Guidance

Walking into a cannabis dispensary for the first time can be extremely daunting, especially for new users trying to find the right product and dose to manage their symptoms. One of the greatest benefits of medical cannabis use can be the hardest and most overwhelming to navigate: complete control. Cannabis users have complete control over purchasing and dosing their products usually with little to no guidance from a budtender. There is a lack of personalized experience in the cannabis industry, which is why individualized product and dosing guidance lives as one of CKSoul’s core values. 


Can you imagine walking into a doctor’s office and having no guidance on what or how much medication you should take? That is the norm in the cannabis world. Here at CKSoul, we understand there is no “one size fits all” approach to cannabis.

Consumers who are looking for relief, sometimes as a last resort, are given complete freedom on choosing their products and self-dosing. This makes the experience less personalized to your specific needs, but with guidance from a medical professional, symptom relief and efficacy can be reached much quicker. A combination of multiple cannabinoids may be best while the dosages of each can vary, which is why we always recommend consulting with an experienced cannabis clinician. 

A clinician from our list of trusted experts will provide individualized guidance tailored to your specific needs while advising on common adverse reactions, potential medication contradictions, and more. Personalized dosing will help avoid the adverse reactions that can occur from self-dosing, like the feeling of being “too high” for an individual who is avoiding the psychoactive effects while managing symptoms.


Cannabis users tend to rely on budtender advice more than they should. Budtenders in dispensaries will have varying knowledge about cannabis, based on experience and training, but they will not be able to give you personalized dosing guidance, as it is against regulations. Budtenders may help guide you in the direction of the right product, offer suggested doses, and tell you what products they like the best, but a cannabis clinician will be able to give you specific cannabinoid recommendations, dosing recommendations, and schedules, the timing of dosing dependent on other medication interactions and adjustment suggestions. Cannabis clinicians will know what works for different ailments such as anxiety, depression, seizure disorders, autism spectrum, autoimmune disorders, and illness such as cancer. They will be able to give you a “prescription” designed just for you! 


With our network of doctors, nurses, and 360-degree customer support, we are an organization that invests in your care and connects you to the proper cannabis experience.

To live chat with us or submit a contact us form, click on the black support button located at the bottom right hand of your screen or call us at (310) 361-1101. Our team is available 9 am-5 pm (PST) Monday through Friday to chat, and will respond quickly. 

We are here to help guide you in your journey to integrate cannabis into your routine.

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