The Budtender Awards
Sept 17-19th, 2020

The modern-day budtender is a person who rebels against the definition of someone who merely works in a dispensary or store where medical or recreational cannabis is sold.

Increasingly, this subculture is evolving into a group of highly educated professionals who are continually developing their unique blend of style, food, entertainment, music, fashion, and most importantly, their recommendations to an ever-growing variety of cannabis offerings. They are educators, advisors, sales professionals, occasionally a therapist, and often a trusted resource or friend to their customers.

No matter the role, they are the frontline of the cannabis industry who stand between the thousands of emerging brands and their would be customers. Amid this developing group are rising stars who are making a significant impact on the cannabis culture itself.

The Annual Budtender Awards will honor these individuals, promote their efforts and acknowledge their influence on the industry, and the communities they serve.

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