CKSoul is a California-based wellness brand with a focus on supplying premium, safe, and expertly prepared whole-plant cannabis oil tinctures and related products, blended with additional all-natural terpenes…to people of all ages. Our formulas were designed to give consumers across California access to a healthier and happier future.



There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to cannabis, as each person has different requirements based on their ailment, biological composition, and tolerance. This concept powers the creation of each of our formulas from potency, terpene composition, and absorption profile.


Dedication to Research & Education

The CKSoul team is committed to closely monitoring the research and patient studies and following a science-backed path. We stand ready to apply scientifically-accepted findings in future product development efforts and are dedicated to unlocking and establishing the truth behind cannabinoid therapy.


Personalized Guidance

Through our tailored formulas, a network of doctors and nurses, and our 360-degree customer support, we are an organization that invests in your care and connects you to the proper cannabis experience. We are here to help guide you in your journey to integrate cannabis into your routine, helping you find relief from everyday ailments and more serious conditions.


Relatable Roots

CKSoul was founded by a mother and father seeking alternatives for their daughter with a slow-growing brain tumor. Where traditional medicine and the process of conventional treatment can lack a personalized touch and often-times instills a sense of helplessness, here at CKSoul we seek to combat that feeling and empower you with the tools required to be your own champion.

Our Inspiration


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